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Thinking Like a Judge

Guest Post from Tom Simmons With few exceptions, when the law forms a part of a fictional narrative, the dynamic tension turns on a very human element. In Law and Order TV episodes, the conflict is between justice and an unsympathetic defendant. In a John Grisham novel, we turn the pages to see if the right […]

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Who Are “The Poor?”

A reader recently suggested on Twitter that, even though our government borrows almost one dollar for every two we spend, we need to spend even more because 25% of Americans are in poverty. That brought up several questions for me: Are 25% of Americans really poor? How do we define “poverty?” And how does poverty […]

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“Knock, knock!” “Who’s There?” “The IRS Wealth Squad!”

The U.S. Government may be taking its war on the rich to the next level. The IRS is now contemplating making wealthy Americans prove how they earned their wealth. “Our government has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime in its mad attempt to reduce the debt!” writes Rich Colman, a Boston attorney and financial […]

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Health Care Reform and Your Financial Health

Even its title is complex. The Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010 is so complicated that we can’t know all the ways it will affect our daily lives over the next few years. The good news is that starting this year, all plans are required to extend dependent coverage to age 26, […]

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