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Lessons From Greece

The ancient civilizations of Greece gave us the example that provided the foundation of our democratic government. Today, Greece is giving us an example of what happens when a country goes on a spending binge. Greece currently owes 124% of its gross domestic product, or national income. Today’s budget estimates put the US debt at […]

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Protecting Students Against Learning Opportunities

A student, I’ll call Sally is finishing her master’s degree in financial planning. Two years ago, Sally completed a paid internship at my office and did a fine job. This year, she applied with us to complete the practicum that is one of her graduation requirements. One of the major reasons firms offer internships is […]

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Politics and Personal Financial Planning

Recently I’ve heard from a few readers that some of my columns are too political. Yes, I sometimes discuss politics, because political issues and governmental actions have a direct impact on our personal finances. One of The American Heritage Dictionary’s definitions of “political” is “relating to or dealing with the structure or affairs of government.” […]

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