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Resources and Services for Your Aging Plan

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of having a “Plan B” for aging when life events take an unexpected turn. Among the most common of these events are sudden and unforeseen health challenges that leave you unable to fully care for yourself. The day after that column ran, I received a call […]

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Good Health for Happy Retirement Article Quotes Sarah

If you want a comfortable retirement, start now—to prepare financially, of course, but also to take care of your health. This is the premise of an article published in New Retirement on December 9. The article, “Retirement Planning: Focus on Health Not Wealth for a Happy Retirement,” has some excellent information about health and health […]

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Don’t Wait Till Retirement To Act On Travel Dreams

What’s at the top of your retirement bucket list? If you are like most folks that I help prepare for retirement, travel is high on that list. As I’ve grown older, my views on retirement travel have changed. I used to buy into the dream of retirement as the “Golden Years.” I thought of it […]

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