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A Timeline for the Health Care Bill

One of the challenges of trying to plan for the consequences of the health care bill (or, to call it by its formal name, the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010) is simply sorting out when its various provisions will kick in. Here is an overview of the timeline as I understand […]

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Politics Aside – A Critical Look At Healthcare

Health care costs are rising like a bad fever, and reform may not be enough of a cure.  A balanced healthcare system is supported by three legs: quality of care, access to care and cost of care. Balancing cost, quality and access is tricky as they are all interrelated. Increase or reduce one and it affects […]

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Health Care Reform Passes – Recounting the Promises

The health care bill is now law of the land and the bitter fight for its passage is behind us. It is the biggest transformation of the U.S. health care system in my lifetime. I thought it might be helpful to recount the promises our President and Democratic members of Congress made to us about the benefits of this legislation. All Americans will […]

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Health Care Bill To Tax Investment Income

By this time next week I fully expect we will have a new health care bill.  With the full court press from the President and the Congressional leadership being put on wavering representatives to pass this legislation by using any means available, I fully expect they will get the last four votes they need.  It will take weeks, […]

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