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Happy 65: Moving to Medicare a Mixed Bag

This month marks a rite of passage for me. I am officially a senior citizen. I don’t feel the way I thought 65 would feel when I was 25, even though I see a 65-year-old in my mirror. The good news is that I now qualify for every senior citizen discount there is. The bad […]

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Seen Yearly, Retirement Medical Costs Not So Scary

Have you ever worried yourself into a frenzy over something, only to find out you were worrying about the wrong thing? For example, researchers say that Baby Boomers are more worried about being financially devastated by unexpected health costs in retirement than they are about outliving their retirement savings. But isn’t the cost of health […]

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US Health Care Costs: Highest in the World?

The soaring cost of health care in the United States is painfully obvious to anyone who looks at a medical bill. This aspect of our system has been out of control for decades. A recent study by the Kaiser Foundation compared healthcare prices in the U.S. with those in other developed nations, virtually all of […]

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The Not-So-Affordable Care Act

A few months ago I scoffed when my wife told me about a report from CNN that the average individual, unsubsidized health insurance premium was going up over 60%. After receiving my 2016 premium notice from Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, I’m no longer scoffing. My monthly premium for family coverage went from $1,400 […]

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Do Research to Find Best Health Insurance Options

Once upon a time, a health insurance plan offered by an employer was almost always the best option for couples and families. Group plans were able to offer affordable, broad coverage with low deductibles, and many employers paid a substantial share of the premiums. That was then. Now, in the age of two-career families, soaring […]

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