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When stressed or in difficult circumstances, some people drink, some people eat, and some people shop – this can be a financial dangerous habit that should be addressed.

Top Ten Beliefs Behind Poor Money Choices

Each of us has a set of unconscious beliefs about money, or “money scripts.” These beliefs, commonly formed in childhood, shape our financial choices in adulthood. Money scripts are partial truths, but one of the reasons they cause problems in our lives is that we unwittingly act on them as if they are completely true. […]

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Having Enough Money for Retirement

Are you worried about having enough for retirement? You aren’t alone; the rich are worried, too. A recent survey shows that half of wealthy Americans consider their retirement planning an area of “high concern.”  An article by Tierney Plumb, published October 27 in the online edition of The Business Journal of Milwaukee, reported on the […]

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