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Principle of Bureaucratization

A client recently told me about her first medical checkup after becoming eligible for Medicare. “The doctor said things like, ‘They require us to fill out this form,’ and ‘This test is covered every three years, so we can’t do it this year.’ I’ve gone to this doctor for ten years. I’m the same person […]

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Holacracy, A New Operating System for Organizations

“Holacracy is not something to go beyond, it is beyond.” This statement from David Allen, author of the iconic book, Getting Things Done, illustrates the challenge of describing the Holacratic approach to operating an organization. Allen was a speaker at the first Global Holacracy Forum, held in Amsterdam, which I recently attended. What is Holacracy? […]

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Company Culture and Customer Service

I wrote this in the Minneapolis airport on my way home from a speaking engagement on the east coast. I rose at 3:30 am EDT that morning to catch a 5:40 a.m. flight. Another airline offered a better schedule that would have allowed me a full night’s sleep—plus a lower price. Why didn’t I fly […]

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