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Safeguarding Your Data After Equifax Hack

The massive computer hack of Equifax, one of the three largest US credit reporting agencies, exposed the Social Security numbers, names, and contact information for up to 143 million of us. How should you respond? A lot of conflicting advice is floating around; here is what I am doing and what I would recommend:

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ID Theft Insurance? Not Recommended.

Speaking in front of an audience used to be Americans’ greatest fear. According to a Chapman University study done last year, public speaking has dropped to number five. Number one is now walking down a dark alley alone. And the number two fear? Identity theft. I found this hard to believe until I started noticing […]

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Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

We’re hearing a lot more about identity theft these days—from hackers stealing credit card numbers from big banks and retail stores to individuals opening up credit card or bank accounts in your name, which they can use to write bad checks or make expensive purchases. Criminal identity thieves may also take out a loan in […]

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