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National Debt and Making More Money

Are you concerned about the exploding national debt brought about by the $2.2 trillion CARES relief spending bill and the new $3 trillion spending bill just passed by the House? If so, you are in great company.

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Inflation and Your Paycheck: When a Raise is Not a Raise

Inflation is a common economic term and a relatively simple concept. One straightforward definition at by financial journalist Kimberly Amadeo is, “Inflation is the increase in the prices of goods and services over time.” Yet applying the concept of inflation to our income and expenses in a practical way seems to be incredibly difficult.

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Average Market Returns, A Winning Investment Strategy

When it comes to investing, it’s a losing proposition to try and be anything better than average. I was recently reminded of this important investing precept when I attended a presentation by Ken French, a noted professor of finance at Dartmouth College. If there’s no point in trying to beat the market through “active” investing, […]

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Real Rate of Return

Is there anything more important than the overall rate of return you earn on your investment portfolio? Yes, there is. It’s the real rate of return. Over the past five years, even diversified portfolios have earned relatively low returns. Many investors are fearful that this has significantly reduced the income they can expect to receive […]

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Fighting to Keep What You Build

A Bankrate article by Bruce Fraser that was also published at Fox Business on December 12, 2013, points out the importance of not only building wealth, but also of protecting it. The piece focused on three wealth destroyers: taxes, inflation, and overspending. Rick is one of the advisors cited in the article, titled “3 Wealth […]

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