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Three Things to Know About Life Insurance

Here are three points about life insurance that many life insurance salespeople would prefer you not to know: 1. Not everyone needs it. 2. Those who most need it are often least able to afford it. 3. It is not a good investment. Let’s take a deeper look at each point.

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When You Need a Financial Specialist

I believe strongly in the value of financial planning and of working with a fiduciary planner who acts in your best interests. However, a planner is not necessarily the only money professional you may need to maintain your financial wellness. In many ways, a planner is similar to a primary care physician. Both these professionals […]

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Get More Homeowners Insurance Protection With Home Inventory

In my experience, the number-one reason people engage a financial planner is to sleep better at night. That doesn’t mean planners give advice on what kind of mattress to buy. The sleep aids we provide are more about peace of mind. For example, you may be sleeping just fine, thank you, because your home and […]

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Term Life Insurance Most Affordable for Young Parents

The stage in life when most adults have the most need for life insurance is when they are parents and their children are young. Unfortunately, this is often a time when financial resources are already stretched. Unlike health insurance and house payments, life insurance can easily be regarded as optional rather than a priority. To […]

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Uncle Sam Not Stealing Your Social Security

A reader recently forwarded me an email that began, “Who died before they collected Social Security?” It asked how many people only collected a small portion of what they paid into Social Security because they, or a spouse, died soon after retiring. Then it screamed in all caps, “Where Did That Money Go?” The rest […]

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