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Life Insurance To Replace Income, Not Earn Income

One of the major functions of life insurance might be more accurately described as “income insurance.” It provides funds that replace the earning power of the deceased. Parents with young children and not a lot of financial resources probably have the greatest need for life insurance. It is just as important for a stay-at-home parent as […]

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Protecting What You Have

“It isn’t how much money you make that matters; it’s how much you get to keep.” Recent years have shown most investors that an unfavorable stock market or global financial crisis can threaten their nest eggs. A potentially greater threat, however, is less obvious. Stock-market losses won’t ever wipe out a diversified portfolio. A lawsuit […]

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Planning For the Health Care Plan

Whether you support or disagree with the inevitable health care plan coming out of Congress, it will be wise to pay close attention to the financial consequences of the legislation. Consequence One: Higher Taxes. The House bill puts an additional 5.4% tax on singles earning over $500,000 a year or couples with over $1 million. […]

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Tips You Need To Know on Homeowners and Auto Insurance

The teleclass with George Frear was one of our best ever.  If you missed it, no worries,  you can listen to the recording.  Here are some of the topics you’ll learn about: 1.  Why you may want to add “Equipment Breakdown” to your homeowner’s policy. (more…)

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