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Financial Planning Value By the Numbers

How much value does a fiduciary financial planner add to your investment portfolio each year? Four percent, according to Russell Investments’ 2017 update to the firm’s annual “value of an advisor” analysis. If you do the math quickly, that seems like an incredible deal. Since most financial planners charge a starting fee of around 1%, […]

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Financial Planning In Your 30’s

For many young adults, the 30’s are the decade when real adulthood takes over. It’s the decade of family. It’s typical at this stage to be parenting young children, getting well-established in careers, and managing responsibilities like buying a home. With a mortgage, daycare, possibly student loan payments, and the boatload of other obligations that […]

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Financial Advice Wise Enough for Solomon

As the author of the Old Testament book the Song of Solomon penned many years ago, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Humbling as it is, there is very little financial advice I’ve written about in this column for 25 years that is really proprietary. Many other personal financial advisors and authors intuitively embrace […]

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How To Find Trustworthy Investment Advice

Is investing fun? Certainly—for some of us who think number-crunching is more exciting than, say, gardening or watching “Game of Thrones.” Yet, as crucial as investing is for creating financial independence, most people don’t enjoy it. Fortunately, understanding the investment process in detail isn’t a requirement to successful investing, any more than being a physician […]

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Resist Temptation to Try to Beat the Market

Steve Forbes, editor of the well-respected financial publication Forbes Magazine, once said, “You make more selling advice than following it. It’s one of the things we count on in the magazine business, along with the short memory of our readers.” Scores of publications sell advice on their proprietary investing secrets. In addition, hundreds of thousands […]

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