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Passive Investment Strategy or Reverse Churning?

Both fee-only financial planning firms and companies that sell financial products are beginning to see some unintended consequences from the recent Department of Labor fiduciary rule. The rule requires that all financial advisors who deal with an investor’s retirement accounts, including those who sell products, be held to a fiduciary standard. In the past, only […]

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How to Protect Your Investment Strategy From Yourself

Research shows that most investors and investment advisors woefully underperform the markets. How woeful is woeful? Over the past 30 years, it meant leaving an average of $7,100 per year on the table for every $100,000 invested. For a 401(k) that grows to $1 million at retirement age, this means $71,000 less in retirement income […]

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Brain Can Sabotage Buy-and-Hold Investment Strategy

Over 25 years of writing this column, I have often discussed the value of a static buy-and-hold asset allocation with periodic rebalancing. This means investing specific percentages of your portfolio in several asset classes (a few of which are stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate). Then, at least once a year, you buy or sell […]

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When Doing Nothing is Investment Strategy

A few weeks ago, when the US markets started dropping dramatically, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal called. He asked me if I had received any calls from worried clients. I told him I had heard from 5% of my clients. “What changes in their portfolios are you making?” he asked. “I’m not making […]

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Rick Cited in Article with Financial Advice for 2015

Before you make any financial resolutions for the New Year, you might want to check out an article by financial planner Paul Fain, “Advice from around the country for 2015.” He asked several financial planners, including Rick, for their suggestions to investors for the coming year. Rick’s advice? Remember the lessons of 2008 and stay […]

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