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Bitcoins: Investment or Bust?

You may have been hearing lately about an alternative currency known as Bitcoins, and the stories tend to be bizarre. Like, for example, the person who traded in his computer for a newer model and later realized (too late, as it turned out) that the hard drive contained $7.5 million worth of Bitcoin currency in […]

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What % of your portfolio should be in stocks?

With the recent market ups and downs, it is easy to revert back to the same feelings we all had in 2008-2009. The feeling of being out of control can become overwhelming; the fear of losing our hard-earned money in the market becomes unbearable. The “quick fix” we hear fearful clients ask for is to simply […]

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Absolute Return funds – Means a guaranteed return right?

This post was submitted by Alan Moore, Financial Planning Analyst with the Kahler Financial Group Absolute return is an asset class that we’ve used since the late 1990’s. When you ask many investment advisors who they use in their portfolios for their Absolute Return manager, they will stare at you blankly. Those that do answer will name a wide variety […]

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