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Coronavirus and Your Investment Portfolio

Last month I was interviewed by NBC about the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) would have on world economies and investment portfolios. My first thought on receiving the phone call was, “Why is NBC calling me? I have no clue about the impact.”

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Important Questions Investors Fail to Ask

Last week I reported on the three top questions investors wanted answered when advisors recommended investments. The rankings came from a survey of investors, funded by Dimensional Fund Advisors, conducted in March 2014 by Advisor Impact. I suggested the top two of those factors, the risk associated with the investment and the expected future performance, […]

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What Investors Want to Know But Don’t Know How to Ask

When an advisor recommends a particular investment, how do you know it’s right for you? Financial writers, myself included, say you need to ask questions. The trouble is, according to a recent survey, most investors ask the wrong questions. The March 2014 survey polled 1,229 investors. They were asked, “When your advisor makes an investment […]

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Fewer Stocks, Missed Opportunities

Investment pundits and gurus have been pouring over an interesting chart that was published last year in the Financial Analysts Journal. The chart shows that, despite the recent high returns for stocks, investors, in aggregate, actually held only 37% of their portfolios in stocks at the end of 2012. Followup research has shown that even […]

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New Market Highs (Yawn…)

The headlines have been telling us over and over again that the U.S. stock market is achieving record highs, and the not-so-subtle implication is that they have nowhere to go but down. In fact, the “lost decade” of 2000 to 2010 has obscured the fact that, historically, it is pretty common for stocks to achieve […]

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