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Collecting Treasures–Or Not

Almost everyone has a story about a cousin or an aunt who bought a box of junk at an auction and found in it a diamond ring worth several hundred dollars. Every once in a while a valuable painting by a famous artist turns up in someone’s attic. “Antiques Roadshow” sometimes features odd items that […]

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What do Bitcoins and Tulips Have in Common?

If you want a little excitement in your investing life, consider the track record of this investment.  It had a remarkable growth in price, and then a remarkable fluctuation (mostly down in recent weeks).  Not of a hot internet start-up, a bond issued by Zimbabwe’s central bank, or a new mutual fund; but a kind of currency.  The cumulative […]

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Getting Things Done in Washington

If you’re among those who believe that nothing can get done within the partisan bickering on Capitol Hill, you should know that both parties came together with remarkable speed recently to pass bipartisan legislation.  There was virtually no bickering, posturing or visible hostility as a new modification of the STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congressional […]

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Frontline for Fiduciary

Millions of Americans–and a lot of professional advisors–are talking about the hard-hitting Frontline expose on retirement plans.  The PBS special, entitled “Retirement Gamble,” tells you a lot of things you already know: corporations have offloaded the decision-making for retirement portfolios on their (not always financially sophisticated) employees, but provided virtually no guidance.  The 2008 market […]

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Hidden Optimism

The stock market caught everybody off guard last Friday, August 3. The S&P 500 index climbed 1.90% on news that the U.S. economy created 163,000 new jobs in July—about 60% more than economists were expecting. But this was the fourth consecutive week of gains, and there is no clear explanation for those other positive trading […]

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