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State Budget Cuts Not Always About The Money

Watch this video on YouTube For most state governments, including South Dakota, the chickens are coming home to roost. For decades state and local governments have spent far more than they’ve received. They’ve funded the shortfall by borrowing and pushing the...

Researching The Fund Managers

Last week and this week I spent a day at the offices of American Century, Kansas City, and AQR, Chicago, meeting with their portfolio managers. I gained a number of insights into their projections for the economy, strategies they are implementing, and the...

Advisers’ biggest mistakes: Too much delegating

My warts are showing.  I recently did an interview with Lisa Shidler, InvestmentNews, about my biggest professional mistake.  I hesitated before I did the interview wondering, “Do I really want to share my shortcomings with the whole...

Even After Crash, Many Seek Yield On Cash

An article today by Financial Advisor News features areas that investors are turning to obtain higher yields than the .1% paid by most money market funds.  The article explores the pros and cons of ultra-short term bond funds and can be read by clicking here.

Nine Dumb Things People Do With Their Money

Kathy Kristoff’s column today on MoneyWatch.com is one of the more comprehensive treatments of an otherwise ubiquitous topic.  It’s certainly worth reading, click here.