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Balance Work You Love and Pay You Need

“Do what you love and the money will follow,” is an appealing belief with a great promise. There’s just one catch: it’s a money script. Like all money scripts, it is a half-truth that works in certain circumstances and fails miserably in others.

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The Millionaire Mindset, Part Two

Last week we looked at the first three components of a millionaire mindset: how to spend like a millionaire by living frugally, budget like a millionaire by putting essentials and savings first, and work like a millionaire by loving what you do and investing in your career. All three of these are vital habits for […]

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Investing Money In Happiness

It turns out money can buy happiness, after all—sometimes. Having a good income and the security of money invested for the future don’t insure happiness, of course. They do, however, give us a foundation that can make it easier to find happiness. Part of the secret to using money to foster happiness is knowing what […]

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Having Enough For Happiness

How much money is enough? Some people might give this question a flippant answer like, “A lot more than I have!” Others might argue there is a finite income or asset level that “should” be enough. But of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. In last week’s column, I explored the concept of well-being as […]

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