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Staying on the Road to Financial Independence

Congratulations! You’ve made the courageous decision to commit to financial sobriety. You’ve committed yourself to creating a spending plan, paying off your debt, creating an emergency fund, and fully funding your financial independence. This probably means you’ve made a conscious choice to downsize your lifestyle. You may be driving a cheaper car, eating out less, […]

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Do You Value Your Time? Thank an Entrepreneur.

This morning I got up at 6:30 am. I took a hot shower, turned on the sprinkler to water the lawn, cooked an omelet for breakfast, put the dishes in the dishwasher, read The Wall Street Journal on my iPad while I enjoyed a cup of espresso, and answered five questions from my staff and […]

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Who Made That Olympic Medal Happen?

Those record-breaking 19 Olympic medals that Michael Phelps received? He didn’t really win them. Somebody else made that happen. True, Phelps was the one who swam those thousands of miles over the years. True, it was his commitment that kept him at the pool for hours when he could have been playing video games like […]

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Don’t Wait Till Retirement To Act On Travel Dreams

What’s at the top of your retirement bucket list? If you are like most folks that I help prepare for retirement, travel is high on that list. As I’ve grown older, my views on retirement travel have changed. I used to buy into the dream of retirement as the “Golden Years.” I thought of it […]

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Financial Advice for Beginning Adults

June is traditionally filled with graduations and weddings, rituals that mark two of our most important life transitions. Whether you are a graduate walking across the stage or a newlywed walking down the aisle, you’re focusing on your future. It’s a perfect opportunity to think about what you need to do financially to provide for […]

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