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Ways to Lower the Cost of Higher Education

My daughter is a high-school sophomore, so last week’s column on the cost of college was uncomfortably personal for me. This week, let’s take a look at some possible solutions to the problem of high college costs. 1. Don’t just hope for scholarships, pursue them. The most important college-saving strategy a student can have may […]

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Mollydooker Story Shows Rocky Path to Business Success

I had no hat and no sunscreen to protect me from the scorching heat in the Australian vineyard. Yet I couldn’t leave as I listened to Leigh telling his family’s heartfelt story of grit, passion, and struggle. Standing among the vines seemed a fitting place to hear it. Many people unassociated with business know little […]

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For Financial Success, Outsmart Your Brain

How’s this for a convincing excuse not to save for retirement? “I can’t help it. The human brain is programmed for financial failure.” An estimated 80 percent of our decisions are made emotionally. Our brain is divided into three sections. The upper brain, or cerebral cortex, is where we reason. The middle brain, or limbic […]

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Non-Financial Planning to Prepare for Financial Hardships

Last week’s column offered four ways to prepare for inevitable financial calamities by building a financial shield against disaster. This week adds four more strategies that are as much about people as about money. 1. Build a good support team before you need one. In the middle of a financial trauma isn’t a good time to […]

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Are You Potentially Rich?

Does everyone have the potential to be rich? Theoretically, yes. Will most people become rich? Unfortunately not. Like mastering any profession, building wealth requires focus, passion, and a certain set of skills. It’s not for everyone. Still, in America more people have the opportunity to build wealth than to become major league sports players, movie […]

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