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Financial Consigliere Can Help Resolve Money Issues

“I am tormented by the guilt of inheriting millions of dollars.” I heard this statement in 2000 from a young man who had inherited his parent’s fortune. I remember that moment clearly, not so much because of the statement but because of my reaction, which was one of disdain, disgust, and envy. I wanted to […]

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Teach Kids About Money With “Intentional Wealth”

When it comes to children and money, it’s my experience that parents from a variety of backgrounds and income levels want the same thing: for their kids to be successful and happy. While families might have different definitions of “success,” the underlying aim is very similar. A useful resource for helping children build empowered relationships […]

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Defining “Rich”

A few weeks ago in this column I asked those who’ve declared war on the rich to define “the rich.” I gave four examples of people that might be viewed as rich. Some were high income earners with little net worth and others were low income earners with significant net worth. To answer who “the […]

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Is Your Dentist Wealthy, Affluent, or Financially Independent?

Not long ago I read a Wall Street Journal article, focused on proposed tax increases on those earning over $250,000 a year, which profiled a Colorado dentist who earned around $300,000 a year. The dentist was quoted as saying she didn’t consider herself rich, but upper middle class, because she worked for a living. (more…)

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Protecting What You Have

“It isn’t how much money you make that matters; it’s how much you get to keep.” Recent years have shown most investors that an unfavorable stock market or global financial crisis can threaten their nest eggs. A potentially greater threat, however, is less obvious. Stock-market losses won’t ever wipe out a diversified portfolio. A lawsuit […]

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