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Making Sense Of Confusing Stock Market Behavior

One of the most asked questions I get is, “Why is the stock market going up when the economy continues to get worse? This makes no logical sense.” My short answer is, “This is what the stock market often does in the face of reality, exactly what we don’t expect it to do.” Human behavior […]

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Investment Risk Tolerance More Art Than Science

If I asked you how much risk you are taking with the investments in your retirement plan, what would you say? My guess is nine out of ten people couldn’t answer that question in a meaningful way. Answers like “A lot,” “Just right,” or “not much,” may as well be “I have no clue.” We […]

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When Doing Nothing is Investment Strategy

A few weeks ago, when the US markets started dropping dramatically, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal called. He asked me if I had received any calls from worried clients. I told him I had heard from 5% of my clients. “What changes in their portfolios are you making?” he asked. “I’m not making […]

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Insurance Against Market Crashes?

Many investors, panicked by the market crash of 2008-2009, started a search for some type of investment vehicle to protect them from the next market downturn. Some decided the answer was a variable annuity with a “guaranteed living benefit” rider. At first blush, this seems to be a good use of insurance. For a nominal […]

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