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How Much Money Do You Make, Mom and Dad?

Do your kids know how much money you make? If not, and they asked, would you feel comfortable telling them? My hunch is that the most common answer to both these questions is “No.” Talking about money is such a strong taboo that it often keeps us from sharing information about our earnings and net […]

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Giving Kids the Best Financially

Almost all the financial decisions parents make around our kids have one thing in common: we want what’s best for them. This is the case whether we’re setting the amount of an allowance for an eight-year-old, helping a teenager make college choices, or deciding whether to loan adult children the money for a down payment […]

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Are Daughters a Better “Investment” Than Sons?

As Father’s Day passes, a new survey from the online account aggregation firm and Harris Interactive tells us that the financial relationship between fathers (and parents) can be very different for their sons vs. their daughters. The survey found that an astonishing 75% of young adult men (age 18-34) are receiving financial aid from […]

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Changing a Boomerang Into a Family Circle

Last week’s column on “boomerang kids” described some of the concerns to address before allowing adult kids to move back home because they are in financial trouble. This week let’s take a look at that same topic from a different perspective. It’s interesting that in today’s world, we tend to assume that if adult children […]

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Teach Kids About Money – Be An Example

Good money habits start in childhood, says in an article written by Meredeth Cardona. She states, “a survey from the bank HSBC found most people who described themselves as “active savers” started young: 57 percent said they had been saving since they were children and 51 percent started after getting their first job. More importantly, […]

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