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Estate Planning for Adult Children With Special Needs

The heart of estate planning, for many of us, comes down to one issue: taking care of family. We do our best to make decisions that we hope will be right for surviving spouses and children. Such decisions are especially challenging for parents of children with special needs. The question of “Who will take care […]

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Inheritance Questions Parents Are Afraid to Answer

Last week’s column explored three fears that stop adult children from talking with parents about their estate plans, even though such conversations could greatly benefit both generations. These are: “It’s none of my business,” “I don’t want them to think I am greedy,” and, “It will ruin our relationship.” Children aren’t alone in their fear […]

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Inheritance Questions Kids Are Afraid to Ask

Talking about money is taboo in the US. If you don’t believe me, next time you’re at a social gathering ask every you’re introduced to these two questions: “What was your taxable income last year?” and “What is your net worth?” It’s not a recommended way to make new friends. The taboo on money conversations […]

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“Mom, May I Have the Checkbook?”

How do you tell your elderly mother she can’t afford to send checks to all the charities who solicit funds from her? If you suspect your parents’ bills aren’t being paid on time, how do you ask them about it? If your father is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, when is it time to […]

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Financial Hand Up, Not Handout, For Adult Children

“Boomerang kids.” It sounds like a TV reality show: kids grow up, kids move out, kids get into financial trouble, kids move back in with Mom and Dad. In real life, there’s nothing particularly entertaining about adult children moving in with their parents. The situation is often a response to a financial or life crisis, […]

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