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How to Explore Your Relationship With Money

Most of us would probably agree that money skills are 21st Century survival skills. Yet, even with all the importance we put on money, most of us know darn little about what we personally believe about money and the relationship we have with it. One reason for this avoidance is simply not knowing where or […]

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Financial Planning In Your 30’s

For many young adults, the 30’s are the decade when real adulthood takes over. It’s the decade of family. It’s typical at this stage to be parenting young children, getting well-established in careers, and managing responsibilities like buying a home. With a mortgage, daycare, possibly student loan payments, and the boatload of other obligations that […]

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Flying the Not-So-Friendly Skies

What matters most when you’re choosing the stores or service providers you want to do business with? Ask several people that question and you’ll get a variety of answers. One common factor, though, will probably be customer service. It seems to make no sense, then, that I have recently switched from an airline that provides […]

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Having the money talk: Why you need to go bare about money

Marriage should be good for your finances. Two live more cheaply than one. Couples often pay less for health and other insurance and are more likely to save. But money problems are also a top reason for divorce. Because the money talk often isn’t easy, couples tend to skip it or put it off. “There’s […]

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A New CD on “Creating Wealth”

I’ve had a CD in my foyer for a number of months called, “Creating Wealth from the Inside Out.”  The CD was done by Kathleen Kingsbury, a wealth coach. I’ve had a number of clients want to purchase the CD for friends and relatives.  Obviously, I only have one and it was a gift from Kathleen as […]

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