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Investing in Your Coupleship – Your Best Investment?

Many couples agree one of the most problematic areas of their coupleship is the topic of money.  I can’t tell you the number of couples that have told me, “Our relationship is great in every department, except money.  We just can’t talk too long about money before getting into an argument.” If this statement is […]

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Advisors Collaborating With Therapists for Clients Money Issues

“Amid all the chaos and anxiety wrought by the tumultuous stock market and murky economic outlook, a small but growing number of advisers are enlisting the help of therapists — not for themselves but for their clients.”  Lisa Shidler from Investment News magazine interviewed Rick along with several other advisors and psychologists who collaborate with each […]

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Novice Investor Loses Shirt, Can’t Cover Pork Bellies

Although I was selling real estate instead of attending college in my early twenties, I got a chance to pay a lot of tuition to educate myself about investing. I had some money in savings and some mutual funds in an IRA, but they weren’t building wealth fast enough for me. Gold prices were up […]

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Could a Two-Hour Money Makeover Change Your Life?

Could I possibly do a financial therapy money makeover for a one-page magazine feature article?  That’s the challenge Sushma Subramanian, a reporter for SELF magazine, gave me last May.  She wanted a financial therapist and me to visit with three women and do a financial therapy makeover on each of them. I had never done, seen done, or considered doing […]

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