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Our Coupleship Is Great, Until We Bring Up Money

“Our relationship is great in every department, except money.  We just can’t talk too long about money before getting into an argument.” If this statement is true for your coupleship, help is on the way.  Money is the second leading cause of divorce.  An investment into understanding and working through the underlying issues around money […]

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Rick Weighs In On How To Waste Your Money

Here’s an informative article on how people waste their money found in The Faster Times.  Sheryl Nance-Nash interviewed several money experts on ways people twitter away their hard-earned cash. One of the many areas she covers is advising people to look hard at investment products for hidden fees and commissions. This includes mutual funds, insurance, structured […]

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Using money (yes, real money!) in therapy?! – Teleclass June 17th

My teleclass on June 17th features Dave Jetson, LPCMH, who has developed a specialty in working with his clients’ money issues.  Dave is also the founder of the Financial Recovery Program Workshop hosted by Onsite Workshops.  The unique feature of the program Dave facilitates is that it has a number of exercises that use real money.  Each participant brings […]

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