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With Low Interest Rates, Consider Mortgage Refinancing

Five years ago the government was injecting trillions of dollars into the US economy. Conventional wisdom suggested that rising interest rates were soon to follow. Some even predicted the collapse of the dollar and hyper-inflation. Instead, inflation is down, the dollar is the strongest it’s been in a decade, and interest rates are falling to […]

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The Surprisingly Large Impact of Small Savings

There’s an eternal debate about whether you should use an unexpected amount of free cash (Bonus?  Inheritance?) to pay down your mortgage or put the money into a retirement investment account.  The numbers on a spreadsheet tend to favor investing the money if the investment returns are higher than the mortgage interest rate (currently in […]

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Paying Off Your Mortgage Isn’t For Everyone

Not every homeowner should pay down their mortgage early. In a story in the January edition of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, Seth Feigerman quoted Rick as saying “Anyone under 40 should be funding a retirement plan, and anyone over 50 should be concentrating on paying off the house.”  However, if you’re close to retirement and paying off the mortgage would mean raiding […]

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