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Commodities More Like Stocks Than They Used To be

For a long time investment advisors have relied on commodities as one of the asset classes in a diversified portfolio that is “uncorrelated” with stocks. In other words, commodity prices tended to increase when stock values decreased, and vice versa. In the past few years, though, commodities have begun moving more in line with securities. […]

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What Tax-Free Income? Tax Myths, Spin, and Partial Truths

If I had high blood pressure, I would have to give up listening to Sunday morning news shows. I’ve never figured out how politicians can so convincingly weave false information and partial truths into spin that they deliver with a straight face. One of the more popular partial truths is that 47% of Americans don’t […]

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Empty nest? Think again!

An unexpected trend has emerged due in large part to the economy. Adult children are asking to move back in with their aging parents, and the parents are saying “yes.” Most baby boomers do not have adequate savings, so the financial burdens of taking care of their adult children is taking its toll on their […]

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BP: Beyond Profits

“Obscene profits.” “Greedy oil companies preying on American consumers.” This was the tune blaring from the populist bandwagon just 18 months ago. Various commentators in the mainstream media, including FOX news, were condemning the oil companies for their high profits. BP’s profit in 2008 was $25.6 billion, an all-time high and up 40% from the […]

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What’s to Study? It’s Time to Pass a Fiduciary Standard

One of my “broken record” themes over the years has been the importance of requiring financial advisors to have a legal responsibility to act as a fiduciary. This simply means the advisor is required to put your best interest first. Like attorneys and accountants, financial planners who register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) […]

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