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Spender or Saver: What Spouses See vs. What They Do

“With couples, usually one is a spender and one is a saver.” I’ve heard this many times, and I’ve even said it myself. Money issues are one of the most common areas of stress between partners, and conflicting views over spending and saving is a major contributor. However, a recent study done by Brigham Young […]

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Fighting to Keep What You Build

A Bankrate article by Bruce Fraser that was also published at Fox Business on December 12, 2013, points out the importance of not only building wealth, but also of protecting it. The piece focused on three wealth destroyers: taxes, inflation, and overspending. Rick is one of the advisors cited in the article, titled “3 Wealth […]

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Do Overspending and Overeating Go Together?

Over the years, I’ve noticed a commonality among people with money problems. Many of them are also overweight. Is there a relationship between overspending and overeating? Until now, I couldn’t be sure my experience was anything more than circumstantial. But I recently read about a 2009 study done by Dr. Eva Munster at the University […]

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