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Inflation and Your Paycheck: When a Raise is Not a Raise

Inflation is a common economic term and a relatively simple concept. One straightforward definition at by financial journalist Kimberly Amadeo is, “Inflation is the increase in the prices of goods and services over time.” Yet applying the concept of inflation to our income and expenses in a practical way seems to be incredibly difficult.

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Federal Minimum Wage Adjusted for Cost of Living

The “Fight For $15” is gaining national attention and becoming an issue in the presidential race. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have expressed strong support for a national minimum wage of $15, more than double the current $7.25. Missing in the national debate over the minimum wage is the recognition that taxes and living […]

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Teacher Salaries Adjusted For Cost of Living

South Dakota is tops in many things. We are consistently rated as among the best in the nation for business climate, trust law, clean air, low taxes, and the best cities to retire in. It annoys me, then, when we are last in something important, like teacher’s salaries. But how do our lower cost of […]

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