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Real Estate Market Values Always Local

What investment asset class grabs the most attention of the average American? My guess is that it isn’t the stock market, but a category many people don’t even think of as an investment—the local real estate market.

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Real Estate Sale/Leaseback Can Be a Win-Win

Not long ago the Rapid City Journal did an excellent two-part series on the 1986 sale/leaseback by the State of South Dakota of many of its government buildings. The proceeds of the sale/leaseback put a total of $29 million into infrastructure improvement over several years, with no cost to taxpayers. It was described by then-governor […]

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The Affordability Window

Mortgage rates are still low but trending upward. Banks are offering 30-year mortgages at a national average rate of 4.35%, up from 3.81% in May. Housing prices are still low by historical standards, but are trending upward–sales prices have risen an average of 10% over the last 12 months. Wages for American workers are going […]

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