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Real Estate Sale/Leaseback Can Be a Win-Win

Not long ago the Rapid City Journal did an excellent two-part series on the 1986 sale/leaseback by the State of South Dakota of many of its government buildings. The proceeds of the sale/leaseback put a total of $29 million into infrastructure improvement over several years, with no cost to taxpayers. It was described by then-governor […]

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The Affordability Window

Mortgage rates are still low but trending upward. Banks are offering 30-year mortgages at a national average rate of 4.35%, up from 3.81% in May. Housing prices are still low by historical standards, but are trending upward–sales prices have risen an average of 10% over the last 12 months. Wages for American workers are going […]

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Real Estate No Quick Road to Wealth

Want a good way to build wealth? Own commercial real estate. Or not. Real estate is one of the largest asset classes in the world. The family home is the largest asset many middle-class Americans own. And real estate makes up a significant portion of the net worth of many wealth accumulators. Directly owning real […]

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