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Realities and Risks of Being a Landlord

In a recent column on ways to share an unneeded stimulus check, I suggested you could consider giving it to someone struggling to pay their rent. Initially, I added, “Doing so will benefit both the renter and the landlord.” Upon my final review of the article, I deleted that sentence. Why? I was concerned that […]

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Should Security Deposits Be Illegal?

If lawmakers in several states and cities have their way, the traditional security deposit for housing rentals may become a relic of the past. Security deposits help to minimize damages to the property and offset costs in the event a tenant breaks their lease. They are also a small indication of the tenant’s solvency and […]

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Understanding Leases A Necessary Money Skill

The transition from kid to adult is a necessary process toward living a fulfilled and meaningful life, but it isn’t easy or smooth. This is especially true when it comes to money. Mastering money skills can be a challenge even for older adults. One of the earliest opportunities to learn adult financial skills comes with […]

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Biohazard Insurance on Rental Property Protects Owners, Tenants

The call I recently received from a distraught client dealt with a disturbing question I’d never heard in all my 45 years of owning and selling real estate and my 35 years in financial planning. “Rick, my tenant committed suicide in my rental house. He shot himself. It was such a shock. And then the […]

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