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The SECURE Act and Your Retirement Accounts

A relatively radical bill moving through Congress will mostly eliminate passing on to heirs the benefits of tax-deferred and tax free IRAs. Why haven’t you heard anything about this money grab? Maybe because the bill has so much bipartisan support instead of political drama that the media is not paying attention.

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Retiring Abroad a Major Life Decision

In the past it hasn’t been unusual to hear people say, “If _________ is elected I am leaving the country,” but I’ve rarely seen anyone actually act on that threat. I have a hunch that since this election more people than ever will seriously consider the option of leaving the US. This new impetus to […]

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Make the Most of 529 College Savings Plan

When it comes to 529 college savings plans, the best strategy is to start early and start big. Don’t wait to set up an account until your teenager is starting to wonder which schools might offer skateboarding scholarships. These accounts are excellent vehicles to save for college, in large part because of the tax-free growth […]

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SIMPLE IRA Deadline For 2010 is Oct 1

If you are an employer, you have until October 1st to set up a SIMPLE IRA for you and your employees.  Unlike most other retirement plans where an employer has until December 31st to set up the plan, SIMPLE IRA’s must be set up much sooner. A SIMPLE IRA is a great option for employers […]

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