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Bad Reasons To Retire

Carl was 62 when he decided it was time to retire. I asked why. He said all his friends were retiring and he figured he wasn’t getting any younger and thought he would, too. The next time I saw Carl, I asked how he was enjoying retirement. “What retirement?” he said. “I was so bored, […]

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Downgrade Now and Upgrade to Financial Independence Later

Recently I was explaining to one of my staff members that I had decided to drop one of my two fitness studio memberships and save about $40 a month. She said, “So you’ve chosen to “downgrade your lifestyle to upgrade your future.” It was a perfect phrase for the process of achieving financial independence. People […]

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Businesses Should Cut Costs, Not Retirement

Business owners might find it tempting to cut retirement plan contributions when reviewing their 2011 budget, but it’s probably a good idea to look at all the options before making that hasty move. In his interview with Karin Price Mueller from Entrepreneur Connect,  Rick says, “While eliminating a retirement plan or simply not offering one may seem like a […]

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Study a “Test Drive” For Financial Planning

Before you buy a new product, you do what you can to check out its features and research its reputation. You can test drive a car. You can try out a vacuum cleaner. Even if you want a watermelon, you can at least thump it. Buying a service is much harder. You can’t test drive […]

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Find Out If You’re On Track For Financial Independence

One of the biggest mistakes Americans make around their finances is never having taken the time to find out if they are on track for financial independence. Many of us blindly follow a money belief that “Things will work out.” Sometimes they do. Many times they don’t.  (more…)

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