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Retirees’ Difficult Emotional Shift From Saving To Spending

Nearly 40 years of financial planning experience has taught me that retirement is one of the most impactful emotional transitions in life. As you face the shift from earning a paycheck to relying on sources other than work for your income, it is normal for difficult emotions and deeply buried money scripts to surface. Here […]

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Reality of a Million-Dollar Retirement

Retiring on a million dollars. The idea may evoke images of lavish retirement homes or luxurious travel. But let’s take a closer look at the real lifestyle that $1 million of retirement savings will afford. It’s reasonable to assume a long-term real return, after adjusting for inflation, of 2% on a diversified investment portfolio. At […]

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Food Price Crisis?

If you’ve visited the grocery store this year, you know that food prices have been going up alarmingly in recent months—and, in many cases, the price increases actually started years ago. Some basic food commodities have seen their prices rise by roughly a third over the past 48 months. Some specialty items have gone up […]

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Retirement Spending Revisited

How much are you going to spend in retirement? What once seemed like a simple question has become incredibly complicated in recent years. Why? First of all, a diminishing number of people actually plan to leave work and embrace leisure on a full-time basis, and those who do seem to be doing it later than […]

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Retirement Spending on Safety a Good Investment

Want to increase your independence in retirement? Save money? Live safely in your own home? Then buy a new car. No, this isn’t a scam or a seedy sales pitch. In certain cases, a new car can be a wise use of your retirement dollars. One kind of retirement spending can actually be considered more […]

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