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Women’s Confidence in Being Prepared for Retirement

When it comes to being financially prepared for retirement, Chinese women are the most confident women in the world. In fact, they are almost twice as confident as their US counterparts. This conclusion comes from a 2014 global survey, the Aegon Retirement Readiness Index. It found that the percentage of women saying they are very […]

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Studies Show Tangible Value of Financial Planning

Some professionals know immediately when their work has a positive impact for their clients or customers. An electrician finds a short in the lighting system and restores power. A car mechanic makes a repair and sends someone on their way. A doctor prescribes just the right medication and the patient gets well. An attorney wins […]

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Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis Not a Sudden Event

“The world braces for retirement crisis.” This headline caught my attention because of its tone of near-panic. It implied that the pending retirement crises was like a hurricane or other natural disaster, striking with little warning and beyond our control. Not so. Financial columnists like me have warned for the past two decades that Baby […]

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Travel on a Budget with RV Retirement

“What do you plan to do when you retire?” “See new places!” In my experience, the number-one activity most people look forward to when they retire from earning an income is travel. Seeing and experiencing the world has never been easier. True, air travel is rarely easy or pleasurable, and it can be expensive. Yet, […]

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The Tax-Efficient Retirement

Why would anybody pay taxes when they really don’t have to? This is a question that financial advisors are hearing from their retired clients, who are taking their living expenses out of taxable and tax-deferred accounts like IRAs. The whole idea of tax planning during retirement is a relatively new one in financial planning circles, […]

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