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More IRA Mistakes to Avoid

Last week I discussed two critical IRA mistakes, based on information I learned from Jeff Levine of Fully Vested Advice, Inc., at the 2018 spring conference of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. This week I will cover three more. 1. Failing to understand beneficiary options on inherited IRAs. You may well be among […]

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Tax Planning for Retirement Plan Required Minimum Distributions

One of the big advantages of a traditional IRA or 401(k) is being able to save pre-tax dollars and let them grow tax deferred until you need them. Hopefully, when you take the distributions in retirement, you will be in a lower tax bracket than when you made the contribution. The downside is that traditional […]

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New IRS Ruling Allows Relief on Unwanted 2009 RMDs

According to IRA guru Ed Slott, IRA Owners and Plan Participants¬†can now put back unwanted RMDs for 2009. RMDs were waived for 2009, but the relief came late in 2008 causing some people to take withdrawals that were not required. This Notice provides retroactive relief for IRA owners and spouse beneficiaries by allowing them to […]

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