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Dig Deeper Than CFP To Find Financial Planner

I have long recommended that consumers look for a Certified Financial Planning (CFP) certificant when shopping for a financial planner. But don’t stop there. A CFP is no guarantee that someone is a competent, ethical, fiduciary professional. It only ensures that you are choosing from a pool of 85,000 financial services providers who are educated […]

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Use Resources to Check for Financial Adviser’s Past Misconduct

Shopping for a financial adviser you can trust has never been easy. The new Department of Labor rule requiring brokers to act in a fiduciary capacity when dealing with retirement plan assets has not made it any easier. When shopping for financial advisers, you need to investigate their education, niche, process, compensation structure, and experience […]

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Find Out If Fiduciary Duty is Required From Commission-Based Advisor

Can a financial advisor represent your best interests and still earn a commission? Surprisingly, this can sometimes be the case. It’s up to you to find out. Being required to put the consumer’s interest first, which means representing a client rather than selling products and services to a customer is called having a fiduciary duty. […]

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The High Cost of SEC Compliance

The KFG team was huddled around our conference table as the auditor dutifully and painfully went one by one through his checklist.  It was painstakingly detailed, frustrating, and at most times, boring. I wondered why we were taking away productive time we could be servicing clients to do this. Then I remembered a quote from Bill Clinton: “Golf is like […]

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