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Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis Not a Sudden Event

“The world braces for retirement crisis.” This headline caught my attention because of its tone of near-panic. It implied that the pending retirement crises was like a hurricane or other natural disaster, striking with little warning and beyond our control. Not so. Financial columnists like me have warned for the past two decades that Baby […]

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A Wiser Way to Invest Social Security Benefits

Once you hit age 62, what’s an investment class that can give you a high guaranteed return with almost no risk? Bonds? Equities? Commodities? Nope. Social Security. There’s just one catch. You can’t actually get your hands on the money until you’re 70. One of the most common issues for those approaching retirement age is […]

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Straight Talk On Social Security

I will be the guest of my brother, David Kahler, on his radio show today on KOTA radio 1380 at 9 am MT.  We will be talking about social security. I hope to help lend some clarity to this program and give some suggestions about what you can do to make your golden years a bit […]

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Outrage Over No Social Security Increase

The Social Security Administration just released the fact there will be no increase in benefits next year — the second year in a row without an increase for more than 58 million retirees and disabled Americans. The announcement marks only the second year without an increase since automatic adjustments for inflation were adopted in 1975. The […]

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