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Real Estate Sale/Leaseback Can Be a Win-Win

Not long ago the Rapid City Journal did an excellent two-part series on the 1986 sale/leaseback by the State of South Dakota of many of its government buildings. The proceeds of the sale/leaseback put a total of $29 million into infrastructure improvement over several years, with no cost to taxpayers. It was described by then-governor […]

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Doing Better Than We Think In South Dakota

South Dakotans have a long-established money script that “we are a poor state.” Everyone in the state knows it, and we’ve always had the facts to prove it. We’ve grown accustomed to being at the lower rungs of almost any financial measurement. I’m a third-generation South Dakotan. I’ve watched most of my classmates move out […]

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KFG Welcomes Lisa Rothe

The day we hired Lisa, we asked her if it was possible that she could delay starting for 6 weeks and she said, “I’ll make it work.”  That night Darla gave us her six-week notice.  Rick called Lisa the next morning and asked her if she could start the next morning.  She said, “I’ll make it work.” Making […]

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South Dakota – Home of the Freest?

My friends around the country often refer to me as clandestinely working for the SD Chamber of Commerce.  Actually, there is nothing clandestine about my promotion of South Dakota’s low taxes, business friendly, low crime, and high quality lifestyle.  Many people are surprised to hear we have airports, Internet, and running water.  Actually, promoting South Dakota is […]

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