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Consider Taxes Before Retiring Abroad

One way to stretch your retirement nest egg is to relocate your retirement nest. Finding a place with a lower cost of living can include considering retirement in another country. Before you pack your sunhat and flip-flops and head for a low-cost retirement haven, however, take a look at all the factors affecting your retirement […]

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State Taxes Add to Cost of Life Insurance, Annuities

We South Dakotans can be smug about the economic advantages of residing in our income tax-free state. While those advantages are big, we do have a few lesser-known taxes. I recently learned about another “hidden” tax, one on annuity premiums. A recent article in Investment News lists the eight states or territories that have such […]

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State Tax Exodus?

Are people moving away from high-tax states to places where the state tax burden is lower? Recently, Forbes magazine highlighted the most recent United Van Lines survey, which collects data on 125,000 families moving from one state to another. The focus was on the ten states that were losing the most residents as a percentage […]

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