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Can You Trust the Stock Market?

If you keep your life savings in certificates of deposit or a savings account at your local bank, that decision may be based on a common money script: “You can’t trust the stock market.” This belief about money can keep you from making the most of your retirement savings. I was recently interviewed by Clark […]

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Fewer Stocks, Missed Opportunities

Investment pundits and gurus have been pouring over an interesting chart that was published last year in the Financial Analysts Journal. The chart shows that, despite the recent high returns for stocks, investors, in aggregate, actually held only 37% of their portfolios in stocks at the end of 2012. Followup research has shown that even […]

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Mistiming the Market Roller Coaster

“Retirement Investors Flock Back to Stocks” was the front page headline of The Wall Street Journal on May 2, 2014. I retweeted it to my Twitter feed, adding, “Just In Time To Ride Them To The Bottom Again.” Five years ago some of those same investors were abandoning stocks in sheer panic. In early March […]

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