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What I Didn’t Know Then About Investing

Fifty years ago I scraped together $100 that I earned moving lawns and invested in my first stocks. I had heard a person could make a lot of money owning stocks. The ones I bought were all very small regional companies that I selected with the help of a stock broker who said they had […]

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Diversify with Global Investing

Around twelve years ago the South Dakota Investment Council combined two of their asset classes, domestic and international stocks, into one, global stocks. While this move didn’t make the nightly news, it did signify a growing trend. Many investment managers no longer view the US stock market as a separate asset class from the rest […]

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Fewer Stocks, Missed Opportunities

Investment pundits and gurus have been pouring over an interesting chart that was published last year in the Financial Analysts Journal. The chart shows that, despite the recent high returns for stocks, investors, in aggregate, actually held only 37% of their portfolios in stocks at the end of 2012. Followup research has shown that even […]

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New Information Yields No Change to Investment Allocation

The latest information on global capitalization finds that the US now accounts for just 35% of the world’s equity markets.  Just ten years ago it was 50%.  Asia also owns 35%, Europe has 25%, and Latin America 5%. I spent a better part of Monday analyzing our portfolios to see if we should make any changes in our global […]

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