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Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion Not the Same

Is a carefully executed plan to minimize income or estate taxes also a tax dodge, scheme, avoidance trick, or scam? It depends. I have seen all those words used by the media to describe both tax fraud and legitimate tax-reducing strategies. A case in point is an October 2 story in The New York Times, […]

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Asset Location: Handle With Care

An old question has become new again. You have tax-deferred accounts like IRAs and Roth IRAs, and you have accounts that pay taxes every year on the income they receive. Where do you put different types of assets? The answer is that you want to put the most tax-inefficient investments inside the tax-deferred accounts. The […]

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State Tax Exodus?

Are people moving away from high-tax states to places where the state tax burden is lower? Recently, Forbes magazine highlighted the most recent United Van Lines survey, which collects data on 125,000 families moving from one state to another. The focus was on the ten states that were losing the most residents as a percentage […]

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