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Hiding Profits From the Tax Man

On July 14, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act became effective, and instantly virtually all foreign banks were required to keep track of, and report on, all assets held by U.S. citizens. Individuals who don’t report income on those assets and pay taxes to Uncle Sam face draconian penalties in excess of the actual money […]

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Your Itemized Tax Receipt

Now that your tax money is in the hands of Uncle Sam, what will he do with it? How will the government allocate your contribution to the overall budget?

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Fighting to Keep What You Build

A Bankrate article by Bruce Fraser that was also published at Fox Business on December 12, 2013, points out the importance of not only building wealth, but also of protecting it. The piece focused on three wealth destroyers: taxes, inflation, and overspending. Rick is one of the advisors cited in the article, titled “3 Wealth […]

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Expiring Taxes: How You Probably WON’T Be Affected

You may have read that the last day of 2013 is scheduled to be the last day for an estimated 57 different tax deductions–unless the U.S. Congress turns its attention away from the next potential government shutdown and extends some or all of them. All of these deductions will be available to the 2013 tax […]

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