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Meeting Options That May Save You Time! GoToMeeting and Skype

We are always looking for ways to better serve you. It wasn’t too many years ago that every quarterly review packet had to be printed and mailed to you.  In our sessions, we usually reviewed it by looking at the paper statements, whether your meeting was in person or on the phone. We have obviously […]

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Enough Already With The Duplicate Posts!

You are probably wondering why all of a sudden you are receiving three or four copies of our e-mails.  We are, too! We do apologize. We are working on troubleshooting the problem.  So far the two instances appeared to be unrelated and  unexplained.   That’s  disconcerting.  Since we put ourselves on our distribution list, we are immediately […]

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KFG Server Update

What a difference a week makes!  Ten days ago a server failure left us with only phone service. Nothing else related to technology worked for the better part of four days, except our copier.  Today, we are about 75% complete in moving our operation from our old office server to a hosted server we will access via […]

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