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Mix of Bonds in Diversified Portfolio

As I pointed out last week, bonds are the hardest investment class for most people to understand. Just to make things more complicated, not all bonds are the same. There are great differences between government, corporate, long-term, short-term, TIPS and high-yield bonds.

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Rick Cited in Bankrate article on TIPS

Use care and do your homework before you invest, because “There is no bond more complex than a TIPS.” That’s Rick’s recommendation if you are considering buying Treasury inflation-protected securities, or TIPS. He is one of the advisors cited in a recent article by Chris Kissell, titled “How to buy individual TIPS in an IRA,”at […]

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Rick Weighs In On How To Waste Your Money

Here’s an informative article on how people waste their money found in The Faster Times.  Sheryl Nance-Nash interviewed several money experts on ways people twitter away their hard-earned cash. One of the many areas she covers is advising people to look hard at investment products for hidden fees and commissions. This includes mutual funds, insurance, structured […]

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