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Hunting For Thistles and Research Apps

“Hi, my name is Rick. I am addicted to thistling.” It’s true. Every summer weekend that I am in town I spend 2-8 hours scouring the canyons and gullies in my neighborhood for noxious weeds. With my four-gallon backpack sprayer and wide-brimmed hat, I probably look like an alien. By now I have the Canadian, […]

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Impulse Travel Apps

If you make your travel plans at the last minute, you’ll pay a lot for the privilege. Right? Not necessarily. A new, free iPhone app called Flight Tonight identifies all plane flights leaving within 24 hours from your home city, and shows you which airlines are willing to sell the unfilled seats at significant discounts.

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From Sarah: Travel Agent Finds Perfect Destination in Hana, HI

I started using a travel agent in 2007 when my husband and I wanted to take a trip to Mexico and wanted help choosing a destination and accommodation on short notice. I know these days it’s pretty easy to find a great place to stay using online tools such as TripAdvisor, but we have had […]

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Take a Close Look at Timeshare Costs

For residents of places like the Black Hills, where the first day of spring usually brings a snowstorm, timeshares for resorts in Florida or Mexico can have a lot of appeal. They seem like a fun idea for a vacation in the sunshine as well as a good deal financially. Over the past 30 years […]

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Cruising for an Affordable Family Vacation

My family and I recently took our 20th cruise-ship vacation. Obviously, we’ve found that cruising offers something for each of us. I was reluctant to go on my first cruise, both because I’m prone to motion sickness and because I couldn’t see why anyone would want to spend a vacation cooped up on a boat. […]

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