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Investing in Financial Counseling

As a long-time advocate of blending financial planning with counseling, I’ve had years of seeing the benefit for clients. I have come to see financial counseling as an investment: one that can pay greater dividends than investments in a home, retirement account, or college education. How can this be the case?

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Happiness While You Work

According to a new global survey on work and happiness, a significant number of us aren’t very happy about our workplace. That’s especially unfortunate, since working is how most of us spend the majority of our waking hours.

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What Is Your Financial Planner’s Core Purpose?

What do comprehensive financial planners really do? The surface answer is that planners provide advice and services in the areas of investments, retirement planning, estate planning, cash flow management, tax planning, and asset protection. In order to find a financial planning firm that’s a good fit for you, however, you might want to find out […]

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